my words

step back
looking forward to where
was when should have been
when where was backwards
edited with a smile
connected with some sort of understanding
lost through words
found by letters shapes

[[[[[[[[[ my words lee smillie ]]]]]]]]]]

my words

same project printed on different paper the connection the jumble of words some framed some not.the photography and the way it was approached the words that can only describe the urban landscape as the memory that connected the frame put tae poem.

my words

the settings in camera where that as for portrait as i set out tae capture a place that only i could see before the artist decided tae share his mark making. some where between memories and growing up in a disconnected mind frame the paintings of Darwen at night sit between the thoughts captured and thought blanked out. miles walked from the place captured with four legs at the side of me the middle man between madness the wee soul that kept you sane. new town new path new thoughts new direction new nothing just the focus is different print different tae reflect on movement.

my words

its the morning wee betty has got me up tae go tae my aunty jeans before she goes tae work bring in wit she can

the hight a shit but stronger than most granny Smirnoff
streets with a scheme a concept a place like nae other

close hold the stairs the number flat buzzer troop
street one step tae the other captured name

repartition of the family past present propaganda
post traumatic stress label the mass appeal

belt buckle bare knuckle fight self hate tae date
then not now but then where was when again

my words

memories are like texture
they grip the finger tip
feelings felt before seen
thought before capture
understanding research life 
photo with a blade or a shoe
trying tae figure out who is who

[my words lee smillie]

Artist research

again the competition and subject matter stood out to me with William egglestons photography the only photographer i researched for this project his work to me lyes some where between painting and photography some where i think my photography sit with this project zx1.jpgzzz1.jpgtwo of my Darwen at night shots


two of Egglestons photographs