my words

section the frame that as the mind one tae find
find the composition open the understanding section
stokey a plaster a cast the broken bones the unseen
a scaffolding at then the structure the thought process
producing the production of the POEM a rime a time
moving where was when then as should have maybe
connection from past tae present section un knowing
books imagery marked one of a kind gleaga blind wine
dressed cover in ink make the uneducated think rule
fragments of the viewer shadowed by the eye understand

[a poem]

my words

trapped by my own insecurities surrounded by impurities
caged by the unknowing released by trauma nightly
consoling the lost child fighting for the growth of the mind
the scenic route of life mist constant tunnel the weight surrounding the darkness
each end has light they tell you where were they then 
lost and alone in a mind state that can only be seen by words 

[a poem]

my words

invisible fight sanction the mood help me breath
suffocating my self with my own voice
repeat was has been repeated sell preservation
holding back on what the man was then tae be
getting hard tae smile the distance once in a while

one meal a day feeding on nerves uneasy food
thoughts forever focused foundations fundamental
created in the time of the time that was never there
plaster can’t cast support the mind the structure

[a poem]


I’ve delt with lost youth all my life – a man never a wean . as I’ve said before

structure –

this word was lost as i lived in a house with my ma and my sister

people thought i was just asking why my parents split

i was the only man in the house for a while
i was only the wean the in for house while aye

a carpet a a shoe a sleeve a blade was hid a ma seen

the fight has never left just the direction where hurts most

people thought think i still am that lost child glazed eyes

glazed eyes seen see all the that shouldn’t as dream are real

wake up in what was is should be the morning but nightmare

i stood there where tae be judged with words felt real

tae walkabout anger talk about raw feelings i felt

a board between the beast and his smirk and laugh
tae leave the place and see the cunt as his stair hits the floor

thought talked as it hits still raw trie not say so much

i keep the strength i fight as a father now is my sight

its bit up tae where i need tae fight take control
held the shadow tae grow in a sense of a sense never seen

I’ve always been that wean with a dream built by my scheme
easterhouse was a place tae be apart from the unnamed

walls close in the tenement park heed the hospital aye
I’m hear i feel like i never want tae leave the tree me

pills and the educated in books tell me how i feel should

true I’m high as i take your words but could blur the degree
tae read but never feel wit i share  – share as its the last option

as an artist and all i have learned so far do a share what you feel
but still do and need tae say again do what pears say for if not
where does the mind grow in growth of  the research of the growth

riddle the week or weak as the time will seek as community be

my words

the close in near the front and back of the tenement building stairs
trapped in the precent of my past lost in space intergalactic race
sounds and thought put out there a beacon of emotion dare say art
emotion flat like the memory the tenement days the scheme of life
the buy well still stands in the shadow of death provoked by pride
easter every day in the house the holiday is always close to the end
green and blue the magnets pushing away from each other together
goal posts seagulls pitching a new day same sight casting the waves

my words

the more i move on the more i stay away
moments in words still inside captured
forgetting was not dealt with or should have
tae go back hold that time where i am
once was in the sight dirty wee sigh 
condoned by a carpet in brush hush
tae go back is a must feelings just
the more i move on the more i stay away

my words

got four legs with a bite that locks
a belt buckle bigger the my hand
eyes that blink never danger no shiver
educated by the scheme your team
where troops patrol the boundary 
no wealth for this patrol just respect
past tenements that hold the capture
a boy that was then maggie Murphy
the fear a wean with a glesga ear

my words

tae hold nothing then its lost
tae take back what was not bought
tae see the man in side the decorated
tae peal back the skin from with in

tae keep asking tae keep saying tae
tae walk and forever hold the heart scheme

tae aggro a train away the eyes say

capture this wit will need tae say
opened my mind by composition

framed nothing more than less than needed
picking away the pain needed raw flesh

night mare like stairs ever day look like ay the day
nae lies wit you see you judge i hid nae mask

tae go back wit a hid tae say question who hid tae
tae always see the tenement tenants tae glasgow dream

tae drink tonic but hold year few bottles a tears
holding ears tae blank lost words when a future
un blurred by the chance tae hold ears tae tae

alway as was my

my words

step back
looking forward to where
was when should have been
when where was backwards
edited with a smile
connected with some sort of understanding
lost through words
found by letters shapes

[[[[[[[[[ my words lee smillie ]]]]]]]]]]