I’ve delt with lost youth all my life – a man never a wean . as I’ve said before

structure –

this word was lost as i lived in a house with my ma and my sister

people thought i was just asking why my parents split

i was the only man in the house for a while
i was only the wean the in for house while aye

a carpet a a shoe a sleeve a blade was hid a ma seen

the fight has never left just the direction where hurts most

people thought think i still am that lost child glazed eyes

glazed eyes seen see all the that shouldn’t as dream are real

wake up in what was is should be the morning but nightmare

i stood there where tae be judged with words felt real

tae walkabout anger talk about raw feelings i felt

a board between the beast and his smirk and laugh
tae leave the place and see the cunt as his stair hits the floor

thought talked as it hits still raw trie not say so much

i keep the strength i fight as a father now is my sight

its bit up tae where i need tae fight take control
held the shadow tae grow in a sense of a sense never seen

I’ve always been that wean with a dream built by my scheme
easterhouse was a place tae be apart from the unnamed

walls close in the tenement park heed the hospital aye
I’m hear i feel like i never want tae leave the tree me

pills and the educated in books tell me how i feel should

true I’m high as i take your words but could blur the degree
tae read but never feel wit i share  – share as its the last option

as an artist and all i have learned so far do a share what you feel
but still do and need tae say again do what pears say for if not
where does the mind grow in growth of  the research of the growth

riddle the week or weak as the time will seek as community be


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