my words

tae hold nothing then its lost
tae take back what was not bought
tae see the man in side the decorated
tae peal back the skin from with in

tae keep asking tae keep saying tae
tae walk and forever hold the heart scheme

tae aggro a train away the eyes say

capture this wit will need tae say
opened my mind by composition

framed nothing more than less than needed
picking away the pain needed raw flesh

night mare like stairs ever day look like ay the day
nae lies wit you see you judge i hid nae mask

tae go back wit a hid tae say question who hid tae
tae always see the tenement tenants tae glasgow dream

tae drink tonic but hold year few bottles a tears
holding ears tae blank lost words when a future
un blurred by the chance tae hold ears tae tae

alway as was my


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