Poem research

i don’t read other poets words i don’t read that much to be honest i just create poems? why is this i can’t really answer is not cause i don’t read i do with things that interest me I’ve read a lot of books on dogs a passion I’ve had with me since a child and now an adult poems why do i not read more? as i research artist and see them talk in the flesh at our guest lectures at uni my practise takes a step forward taking in what fits me and my practise from each guest lecture and artist i research but still don’t do this with my poems i think cause like I’ve said in past posts i just normally write the poem and thats it i don’t question the poem. my poems where always created when my mood was low creating a release for some time to myself this is not always the case now i write poems when I’m in a good mood exited mood at times as the poem is to go with a photography i have took this is why I’m questioning now why I’m not researching poets. if it helps my poems like the research on artist have with my photography I’m exited to see the out come of future poems that may be created now I’m not saying my poems will change in the way that they are wrote but by the structure of the poems may be? just like the composition with photography that i have worked so hard on over the past six years i need to do this with the structure of my poems research more poets research the meaning of words more and at the same time still let the poems just come to me and not think to much when wring them if that makes sense? i don’t want to take away the integrity of my poems in the sense that i feel my poems always have that felling that they where wrote without thinking again if that makes sense? i don’t plan a subject to write about i just write what i start to write.


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