Poem research

I’ve started to see that cause I’m so involved with my work about Easterhouse and Darwen that I’ve not been researching it as much as i should to help develop my work and give it different strands to where it might go. the research so far I’m doing to my poems has opened my eyes to where sometimes i have thought i have been done with the research side of my projects and just focus on the making instead of always searching for more along the way with the making i wrote a poem with research to what words mean and set the next line in the poem to flow with a hidden meaning along the way if that makes sense? for me this was a simple thing but i haven’t done it before i have been to plenty of artist talks this year where they have said research is never done but i never put this into practise with my own work till recently where never to roil any thing out and give it a trie i think I’m my own worst enemy at times as i blank the unknown a lot instead of in bracing it as artists we are told wether its a successful or unsuccessful piece of work it is a success cause you have learnt something from both out comes. in a sense if there is no unknown part to my practise then where would my practise be? how would i be as an artist would i have that drive to make all the time? I’m not sure that i would its about understanding where to place the unknown into myself as an artist i think i need to focus on a bit more not to let it hold me back but to help me take a step forward i personal think this will be the hardest part for me to understand proper as no matter all the artist talks we have had at uni this year all of them have worked totally different and like any student artist this is some thing no one can help me with.


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