Poem research


these are all words that reoccur in my poems I’ve never noticed so much how many times i use them in different poems till i started looking at the poems sat next to each other. i think by the words that get repeated says a lot about my past some thing i think i focus on to much when it come to my poems and photography by looking at the words picked out here?

should i still be focusing my work on this subject?

does my work say more to me that others?

am i doing this for me or my sanity?

can i ever move on and stop the work being about my past?

should i be asking these questions or should i just do work?

do i have the right to question what was wrote after words?

i have no real answers for these questions but what i ask myself but does there always have to be a question should i analyse my work in this way some times when things are made i.e. work its when it was right to make the work it just happened like it was meant to be cause i don’t think about my settings in camera or what words will be put to paper i just do it automatically at time because the urge is there to.

is it more that the viewer should make there mind up there self do i need to share why or what with my work is this not taking away the integrity of how the work was created is the sense it just happened there for needs no break down of what it should or is saying?

if there is to much of a description with the work are we not forcing the viewer in there gaze to connected with the work?

i make my work to share but cause i do this does it mean that i need to share every thing about the work? i think with my poems i share a lot but not a lot at the shame time by the way they are wrote as i speak makes the viewer need to reed the poem a few time before they understand the words.

if the viewer dosnt understand the poem because of the spelling mistakes or cause its wrote like i talk in a Glasgow dialect  is this a bad thing or has the work done what i should as a lot of people can’t understand me cause of my accent in person? should i share my poems on paper because of this or should they only be said by words that leave my mouth does the accent need to be heard with the words? should this be tried to be picked out by the words on paper as the viewer looks at a mixed up jumble of letters?


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