My thoughts on my poems

the sleep has been none i face the day as we all need to with pain behind the smile always the time i need to write a wee poem share what i can’t show the release of anger built up over years. this time was normaly spent in a tattoo studio getting inked scars show on my body right there in your face sharing something before words are shared with any one i meet giving them a stereo type of who i might be this has changed over the past 2 years as for i have slowly stopped getting tattoos. my time is spent writing poems now when i feel this way the urge of pain is still there but not to hurt myself any more but to create a poem a jigsaw of words wish read to some a misspelt jumble of words from an uneducated man and i can see in a sense why people would think this. as my confidence grows thought i see this jumble of words that has a structure and meaning to them can sit next to any poem wrote by the academic writer they are wrote as i talk and represent the path walked and should not be written any other way and from this has made me want to question the time i wrote my poems and look at my poems in the sense of why this jumble of words that have always scared me for years are now helping me to gather my self and thought making more progress the any counselling i have ever had. normally when i write a poem thats me done with it in the sense that i don’t question what i have written i want to now look more closely at the words i use in my poems as i see a lot of words that are share through out a lot of poems i have written. i don’t know where this will take me or even if i will like the outcome if there is one but as i share my words more i feel me myself needs to to understand a wee bit more the strength behind words that heals a man who’s words are tae be shared


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