The project I’ve been doing of Easterhouse has been on going for a few years i never had a proper direction of the work just kept taking photographs and where i will use some of the photographs by starting painting and sculpture it has felt right and feel I’m getting some where with the project.Never really knew why i was doing this project as I’ve said before in past posts on my blog I’m not really comfortable taking photos in Easterhouse but feel there is something driving me to make my work around Easterhouse and think i understand why now its more about the connection i still have with Easterhouse from growing up there in the 80s and 90s a place like no other i have every seen or proud to have grow up there I’m proud of the people who where and still are friends from Easterhouse it was a deprived area but it was never this for me growing up i never knew any different it was a scheme of excitement it was a wonderland every day was different growing up there as a wean was and adventure where that adventure was watching some one get chopped up stabbed in a gang fight or was setting the water hydrants of putting a board over the water coming out to spray the cars going by in the road.the bond you had with your mates was strong and you would know all there family to cause your wee bit off the scheme was yours and every one knew every one my wee bit aggro.

I’ve still been looking at Easterhouse like this as i did as a wean while doing this project up to recently and think this is why the work I’m doing now is changing and getting more refined i still hold those memories and love them but Easterhouse wasn’t this wonderland it was a dangerous place i lost mates from gang fighting i seen lots of things a wean shouldnt see things that you never forget seen the familys left behind when there son got killed in a gang fight or from being in the wrong place at the wrong time seen the struggle for people to make ends meet and feed there family it had lots of good things about the place but the darker side of things are the things that always out weighs the good.

my direction now is not to speak about easterhouse like this with my work but to work with different materials and media and tie the work together with titles in Scottish dialect
let the paint sculpture photograph poem or performance tell the story but connected by the title



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