thoughts of the dookit

one of the dookits in easterhouse was owned by my mate wee walker and a guy called mince i would go down and watch them flying the doos on the summer holidays it was painted black and sat on aggro park at the back of my aunty jean flat.They would get a few cans and trie and catch other peoples doos that where out flying that night if they seen a doo they would be running up and down the streets next to the dookit watching where the doos where waiting on the right moment to let there hen out to entice the doo down to there dookit where walker or mince would be waiting in side the dookit with there hand on a cord waiting for the doos to land on the platform at the top of the dookit as soon as they did they would pull the cord and a net would cover the entrance so he would keep the doo he had caught.many a night was spent doing this at the time i was one of the wee aggro the younger ones we would be running down if we seen any doos out letting them know so they could ether get there doo or hen back in or let another one out and the dookit was in a prime bee catching area tae.


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