I’m working more on titles for my work I’ve been working on a combine and was treeing to work on a title and again heard – simple formal gestures from Jamie my tutor and he also talked about research and started to do some research on Glasgow and Easterhouse wish the work is about and heard some thing on a documentary i was watching on Easterhouse and heard midgy raker in Glasgow this is some one you catch taking stuff out of bins or skips and from this thought it would be the perfect title for my combine as i am using stuff on it I’ve found or been giving by other people and feel the title sits well with the poem in the combine wish is written as we talk in Glasgow and this has gave me a theme to work with and the next piece of work I’ve got in mind has a title before i start the work this will be called- a duket a do wish will be a sculptural piece with sound along side it.


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