Evaluation of the Gallery space

i choose four of my Darwen at night photos to show in the Gallery for core practise i wanted them on a large scale so got them printed Ao i was in the Gallery space with four fellow students so new there was only one wall in the Gallery that would hold four large scale photography so made sure with my fellow students that i was ok to use this wall and wish work would be sitting next to mine to hopefully compliment each other and sit together well in the gallery.being the first students to show work in the new Gallery myself i want to trie and show the potential of the space to my fellow students showing there work after us with being in eduction for the past 5 year I’ve seen how it transforms your work having it in a Gallery that white cube.the 5 of us that where putting work in the Gallery worked well together we seemed to have planned the work and where it was going with out any disagreements wish is alway good we all put a shift in and helped each other and got all our work in the Gallery space done over two days ready in plenty of time for the crits the next day.

crits for core practise started and there was a lot of people as the 1st years and some 3rd years where there as well as 2nd years i was confident and was ready to share four of my poems i was going to stand in front of each of my photographs and say a poem i wrote and this i done and again like crits before i got good and bad feed back in my eyes and informed a wee bit on what direction my work will go next.i left this on a low i didn’t think the crit went bad in the sense of my fellow students didn’t get my work it was that i myself wasn’t happy i didn’t feel i shared the work i wanted to in my head the way i seen it and i know the work is for core practise not the finished piece but wanted to share my poems better than i did I’ve never had this felling with my photos I’ve shared in the past.

the four photography where hung on the wall with bulldog clips due to the work not being the finished piece they where not framed as I’m still working on this project I’ve not got to the stage of how i see the work finished whether they will be photography or projected i only printed this set to show the detail in the photography as i feel you can’t see that from just looking at a computer screen with a small image.the poems i read where practise but only reading them out load to myself i should have practised reading them out in front of a few people even if this was just to my fellow students as it felt totally different standing in front of people on the day speaking my words.it has informed for me that all though i work all the time whether thats photography or poems i don’t think enough of the Finnish of my work this is the area i need to work more on.

all 5 of us done our crits and it was time to take down the work we had presented and just like when we hung the work together we where all in early and started the process of taking the work down and helping each other do this boxes got filled with work from a couple of us as others tided up cleaned the space and swiped the floors we left it as we walked into the space.as a unit of students that got picked by the tutors to work together i feel we worked well together and put as much effort into getting the work for the Gallery ready and then dismantled we worked as a team and licend to each other wish in life isn’t always going to be as simple as this all the time but was this time for the first set of students to show work in the Gallery space


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