Gallery space a poem

the weeks leading tae the gallery space knowing i will be putting work in for crits has been different tae any other time in the past 5 years in education I’m more critical on my self i left on a low today cause i felt i didn’t speak the poems in the rights way.core practise was the mentality of the work with clips holding my photography cause this was the step i need tae take for core i practise it every day.shit prints i showed not as i would like for my final year but from in the cube of white has again asked more than i seen as new eyes capture my work as it might be a poem a photo or the inked skin?

a sentence from new eyes tae the work hold the thought the conference of lies

i will from this subject tae hopefully help my practise step away from the camera in the frame still life capture the movement of of time by video
tae read the work hold nae words 45 min


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