Darwen at night

they might just be picture of a street a sign a lamppost shops or garage or could they be a trapped memory provoked by the absents of movement a space a frame that lets you trigger a thought.took using the setting in a camera that should – they say to be used for portrait photography the darkness and light hand held shots captured by a man but once a boy thats life seems tae have disappeared by time that moved to fast keeping a lot of memories blanked tae keep the pain from controlling what ever time is left.sections in focus others not with a hint of caroption of the mind as the light and reflection fades in to the blackness of the night the edge of the frame like a dream where real life and fantasy cross over in the mark making of the artist for some reason tae share this pain with others that for most would be to much.the suggestion of power tae use f1.8 and not f22 the rules understood but the stableness of the capture must be broken no tripod my statement as i take control of my work find my way of working as the poems still flow in the background behind the eyes that only see the darkness when closed tae rest i don’t like tae talk about it but feel free when i share the empty ness of one mans soul as an artist give me the viewer that mights get it or not but both will leave after seeing it the memory i filed.

[my words lee smillie]


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