got four of my Darwen photographs printed today at AO the detail that can be seen its lost when you look at the photos on a computer screen the colours and lights that fade away into the darkness like my poems speaks the truth of my memories the pure ness of a child brought into an adult world seen and suffered under the cover of darkness.the streets and ally ways framed holds more to ponder wish sparks memories not seen in a long time this view you could walk by a 100 times and never see till the sight is framed and been asked to be still to hold a thought you attention.the beauty is the uneven walls and houses that direct the eyes to reflections and lights made by the people of a small town the beating up roads like the ambition some times as the working class struggle of every day ness holds its mark in a frame to speak its on poem with no words but the connection the viewer may hold to this path.i in a sense feel like the child that speaks his mind as a child should in this set of photos something that is hard for some viewers to grasp though because I’m actually an adult we are tough to hold so much in as adults these photos like the setting used for the photos spines this on its head as i share my heart felt words poems and photographs but in my way.i may be covered in tattoos and be a proud man but this shouldn’t mean i can’t speak the words i do or to the detail i do some one has to and my art will be as it has been from day one my place to put a focus on a subject that a lot of people shy away from they don’t like to hear but my word will always be shared with my art.


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