E/hoose then

the day it was clear that having a dug with you could make your day go tae night as i stood in the park back of my aunty jeans house taking big toby a walk my uncles dog about 6 of the ball toi ran down this hill shouting and i was there myself and mind I’m still at primary school they where going to set about me with there belts rapped round there hands at the bottom with the belt buckle waving and toby seen them he was a rotty cross he was massive and he looked at me and then ran at the boys barking they shat there self and made there way back up the hill as i shouted him back i had already been set about with them a few weeks before they hit me over the head with bricks and took my nike cap and this wasn’t the last time big toby changed the situation just by being there
[my words lee smillie]DSC01063.jpg

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