I’m sat hear scars are more the felling than the festive thoughts around me i know how i should feel but i haven’t dealt with the past the text me over the past few years I’ve moved on more than ever but by doing this has felt more answerers than ever as i have seen the past more the door the full stop from what is taught not there I’m me who should be why should i write like others to say i understand others that wrote the way they did but cause did was then mine didn’t  mean anything theres was in this year that year write like then the ones that should the students need to be like them tae be the place that holds more thought that the educated in there on bubble the thought that hold nae more than a fart as the mind hold more more that the thought the wasted gas in the mind of the weak the mind the power tries tae hold the government the system the core of the practice that holds more hate than answers the land of money the answers to weak minds the type that breeds the beast the ones that shadows disown the nightmares that still stand the lamppost the scheme forever dream of a path that hold no end for answers and more hold what i will never know


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