my words

When i moved to Darwen it was a contrast to the flat streets of the scheme it was an old mill town in a valley full of hills rows of houses that looked like the houses from coronation street.It seemed to be full of pubs and take aways a small town where every one new every one people would say morning as they past you in the street a place i learned to call home a place where i would learn all the streets like Easterhouse as i walked with my wee staffy Buster every day. I would walk for miles past the pubs past the take aways into the moors to Darwen Tower where i could look down on this new town of mine.

I was 16 i had family in Darwen but at the time i was still lost the felling of being alone a head full of words that where not said yet an angry boy ready to fight anyone for no reason but from the pain inside.This new town that has been so nice to me was seeing the bad side of me for at the time this was the only way i knew how to react to my past but this wouldn’t last forever Darwen helped mould this lost boy and guide him to be a man.

For as the years past i seen a different person in the mirror i was growing up i learned to talk to people i had people take the time to get to know me to look past this angry boy and see the man in side and the potential to once love life again.This was a place in my head i thought i would never get to but in a short period of time in a sense without me realising it i was getting stronger.

I stand on the moors now looking down at Darwen as an Artist a Father a family man with a heart full of love for others a far cry from that lost boy all those years ago that felt he had to fight to prove himself a man.How different would it have been if i hadn’t of moved to Darwen how long would that lost boy have been searching ?

would i have been as happy as i feel today ?

would i be in a jail some where ?

would i still be here ?

i know i can’t answers these questions but they are still questions i ask myself not to dwell on the past but to always remind myself how far i have moved on in life for if you cants see the direction in life to where it once was you are still lost in a sense.

[my words lee smillie]


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