i went back up the road to Glasgow to get some more pictures of Easterhouse a place wish is home for me but holds so much un dealt with things and by this i mean for me as a person my feelings.i always find myself back home as family members still live there but i question myself a lot wether i would go back at all if these family members didn’t still stay there.its the only place that docent feel right when I’m out with my camera taking photographs I’m not sure if this just because of the emotion in me that is there when i am back home in Easterhouse or because i still see myself there part of the scheme the streets that are so familiar to me but so distant at the same time looking at this strange looking man taking photographs of our streets.what every it is i feel i am different as a photographer I’m looking through the lens of streets i loved but then learned to hate I’m more conscious as my focus is different its not astatic its not what i want to see its what i hate to feel but hear i am again back capturing memories in a sense again.i felt i was more focused this time for some reason i took my time i didn’t rush wish i have done every other time before when i took photographs back home there was pattern in what i was photographing there was a bit more controls in a sense as if i was answering things and not questioning things.a18


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